Monday, December 11, 2006

oops, annie dumped chicken and stars soup all over her face when she tried to drink the bowl like a cup. Posted by Picasa

tongue smile Posted by Picasa

messy house! help! Posted by Picasa

more happy happy kids Posted by Picasa

more happy kids Posted by Picasa

aww Posted by Picasa

Joshua holding his own bottle. Posted by Picasa

happy kids Posted by Picasa

look Mom, no hands. Posted by Picasa

A giant upside down J for Jesus or what we know as a candy cane. :) Posted by Picasa

A Giant Gingy! Posted by Picasa

Annie and Daddy enjoying the Reston Christmas parade. Posted by Picasa

Uncle Brett holding our balding little Johsua. Posted by Picasa

3 little Monkeys jumping on the couch Posted by Picasa

Sarah and Annie enjoying a horsey ride. Posted by Picasa

I love this picture. Annie put on this hat grabbed a duck and a video and sat in the chair to eat a banana. She's so funny sometimes.  Posted by Picasa