Sunday, October 22, 2006

Annie had a wonderful visit from her friend Sarah and Miss Daphne and Miss Ruth for an awesome birthday lunch. She recieved some fairy wings and head piece that she is wearing and loving. :)  Posted by Picasa

The dancin' Annie Posted by Picasa

Me and my BFF Mere! Posted by Picasa

Uncle Matt showing his niece a thing or two about princess play houses. Who knew he knew so much??!  Posted by Picasa

Uncle Freddy and Brett holding Annie's new travel potty! Posted by Picasa

Annie's cousins, Brett and Sarah enjoying her new little people farm set. Posted by Picasa

The sisters of the family. Brijet, Kristin, Me, Krista. Notice I'm taller than Kristin. How did that happen? :)  Posted by Picasa

Annie enjoying her cake and ice cream at her second birthday party. Her cousin Tara is helping her enjoy it. Posted by Picasa

and more swinging Posted by Picasa

more swinging Posted by Picasa

being shy for the camera Posted by Picasa

Swing time! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 15, 2006

on the moon bounce with Rachel - where's your smile eeyore? Posted by Picasa

Annie and mommy got to ride together. Posted by Picasa

fun! Posted by Picasa

When she went on a pony ride back in may she said "no, no, no, no" but now she likes ponies. :) Posted by Picasa

Annie enjoying the swings at the Joe Gibbs fair - many thanks to Uncle Dan! Posted by Picasa

Annie's enjoying the Signing Times concert and Mommy's enjoying Annie enjoy the concert. Posted by Picasa

Annie got to go up on stage and sign "cereal" for the silly pizza song. She had so much fun. This is a picture of her in the middle of signing cereal. sorry it's dark. Posted by Picasa

Hopkins and Rachel from Signing Time! Anne loved this concert! Posted by Picasa

Annie likes to "hold" someone when drinking her milk before bed. This night, it was her brother Joshua. She loves him so much. She likes to give him kisses and when she doesn't see him for a bit she misses him.  Posted by Picasa

enjoying a ride on the pier Posted by Picasa

Annie pushes her tongue to the front of her mouth when concentrating. Posted by Picasa

Mike and Joshua at Bubba Gump Shrip Co.  Posted by Picasa

Precious Mother/daughter time on the pier in Santa Monica. Notice the moutains the in backrground. Posted by Picasa